MDOS Version 7.45 and Utilities

OK folks.  @InsaneMultitasker and myself, along with @hloberg with involvement with Abasic, are releasing a software suite including Version 7.45 of MDOS, as well as a suite of other programs with various enhancements.  Some of the extra included programs have been released separately, however they are all included in this package to make sure everyone is using the most up to date versions.


      OS Corrections:

      This update fixes two issues:

       -File writes not correctly reporting a sector write error due to a
        bad disk.  This can occur during MDOS use of the COPY command or
        during record access, and with standard disk managers.

       -Fixes an issue with file deletion on a RamHD or IDE drive
        when a SCSI controller is not in the system. Fixes possible
        corruption during close and save operations.

      This distribution contains all updates and the most current versions
      of most Geneve applications in a single ZIP archive.

      Separately, a new update for the LOAD-SYS file for the V2.00 Geneve
      eprom for the SCSI controller cards for AUTOEXEC autotracking is

      Peter Muys text editor has been updated to pass command line
      filenames to load a file and double file buffering has been removed
      for faster file loading.

      CYA has been updated to version 7.50 with an update to allow
      directly saving MDOS to PFM devices from the previous version.

File is available at here!

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