Appreciation for InsaneMultitasker

It has now been over 25 years since the contributors that believed in me, allowed our group to purchase the rights to MDOS and other programs for the Geneve 9640. Over the years, many people advanced MDOS, ABasic, and other tools including Alan Beard, Clint Pulley, James Schroeder, Mike Maksimik, Jim Uzzell, Jeff White and others besides myself. However, I will have to personally say the gentleman that prefers to be called InsaneMultitasker stands far taller than the rest of us.

InsaneMultitasker has advanced the DSR potential of the Geneve 9640 to include IDE, TIPI, Horizon Ramdisk, and also debugging various Myarc HFDC and SCSI issues. Advances with the IDE and TIPI have allowed us to integrate newer technology as 1980’s and 1990’s ancillary hardware becomes more difficult to obtain.

I can recall when I first started reviewing the source code seeing how involved, and so complicated the code was. Those that have not reviewed the source code can not fully appreciate the layout Paul Charlton prepared for us. While it may seem overly complex, Paul had the vision and implemented a masterpiece with his modular design with the hardware he was provided. The InsaneMultitasker has dug deep to follow the logic and flow charts to allow expansion of the operating system.

Today, with appropriate hardware, we have virtually unlimited storage capability if using a TIPI. On my primary system, I have over 128 GB of file storage potential, TCP socket capability for both TCP client and server potential, embedded telnet support, and there even exists a separate ftp client if one so chooses. If one implements a network share to the Raspberry PI connected to the TIPI, and storage backup speeds are pretty much at network speeds. Long gone are the days where one needed to backup to floppies.

With the addition of other tools like TIDIR, TIIMAGETOOL, and the TIPI web interface, one can pretty much have it all. This would not have been possible without the efforts InsaneMultitasker has contributed over the past 4 months of recent activity or over the years to implement other features.

Many people contributed and I appreciate each and everyone’s contributions over the years whether it was the initial financial contribution that allows us to secure the source, programming assistance, or beta testing software. However, I must say InsaneMultitasker’s contributions far exceeded everyone else’s.

Thank you InsaneMultitasker!

Beery Miller


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