#11 Allow empty lines in AUTOEXEC

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For a better orientation in and much easier formatting the AUTOEXEC here the request that empty lines should NOT be handled as errors, and should NOT output errors on running the batch. Separating program sections just with some empty lines massively can help while reading through and programming any source code.


From Insanemultitasker:

I have a note in the old 6.50 source file to consider adding the following test to hclis after label vari99.  Never tested, maybe add this info to item #11 comments for future consideration when we are looking at the parser holistically.

* is it a label?
CB   @CBUF,@COLON      yes, ignore it (no echo, either)

CB @cbuf,@H00    null line?  (see start of parse/read code)
JEQ  COMMAN       skip

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