#11 Allow empty lines in AUTOEXEC

For a better orientation in and much easier formatting the AUTOEXEC here the request that empty lines should NOT be handled as errors, and should

#9 CAPS ON/OFF tool

CASE normally is OFF, and when doing a CASE ON, no CAPITAL letters are used/shown on the screen while typing, means CAPS-LOCK stays OFF. With


a new environment variable DIRCMD – setable like PATH, based on MS-DOS, that is automatically attached to ANY DIR-command (i.e. DIRCMD= /P for DIR /P)


It should be “DIR .” and “DIR.” to list the subdirs of the actual directory – only one dot

CMD-alias CD\

for the command “CD \” an non-space-alias “CD\” (like the “CD..”-request) (or a tool.COM that can define aliases)


The request here is to have a small tool (or command?) where you can assign keys into another way as usual. The origin background for


The VERSION command should not clear the screen (Already solved IIRC) thx

DIR without listing subdirectories

Entering ANY syntax-error (= expected error message) OR non-existant file/*mask (= expected empty output ) behind the DIR command will cause all subdirectories to be